Mentor Program


We all started somewhere…

Traditional Archery is inherently easy… shoot the same shot each time and they will all go in the middle. Rinse…Repeat…

Unfortunately its not as easy as it should be, and each of us have been through struggles with our trad bows at some point. If you are like most of us we started shooting stickbows in bow shops and archery ranges full of compound shooters who knew nothing about tuning a stickbow, or proper technique in form or aiming. Most of us started off by simply trying to do our best by reading books and searching forums to learn. And while that helped us get comfortable shooting we all picked up bad habits along the way.

TAN wants to ensure that all of its members have an opportunity to improve their shooting and experience the enjoyment that comes with becoming more proficient at the sport. Improving our overall understanding of proper tuning and proper form will increase your love of archery whether you are a hunter or a target junkie.

With that said, TAN wants to establish a Mentor Program for all members, regardless of age. An opportunity for any member to meet up with some of the best archers in the State and get shooting pointers and form help. This program is designed for those brand new to the sport and those who have been shooting for 30 years but want to improve their game.

The program is simple to get involved in. Simply fill out the info below and we will do our best to find a member in your area to assist with whatever you need some help with.

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